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3 Easy Nail Care Tips You Need To Know About By Orchid Nails and Spa

If you're like us, then you religiously get your nails done although this can lead to sensitive and weak nails. One of the biggest questions in the nail shop we often hear is "How do we keep our nails healthy after getting routine manicures and pedicure services"? Most nail places like Orchid Nail and Spa have provide an acute care system that helps guide you in the right direction to keeping your nails in the best health. Here are 3 easy nail care tips you need to know about.

1. When you want to strengthen and grow your nails this is what you should do.

It's been 6 months and you've religiously gotten acrylics put on and off and you're starting to see your nails tear and break easily and you don't know how to treat it, well here's a few ways. When you think of your nail's health there are a lot of variations that play a part and one of those things is water. Low water intake affects your nails believe it or not. Our bodies are 70% water so in some ways it makes sense but what can we do if we already have enough water intake? The next thing you can do is begin using nail products for treatments that activate growth while adding health proteins that help repair your nails.

2. How your cuticles play a major role in your nail's health.

Are you noticing after your fine manicure service your cuticles are dehydrated? When your cuticles are dried out they will crack and bleed which slow their growth and decrease their strength. There are a few easy ways you can treat this and best thing is you might already have what you need in your home. Here are two easy way you can begin treating them instantly. The first way is applying cuticle oil. Not all nail places will have it but there are some nail shops like Orchid Nails and Spa you can go to and purchase this oil. What if you don't have cuticle oil what else can you do? Then the second way might be easier which is using olive oil. This will keep your cuticles well moisturised and healthy. Cuticle care is essential to your nail's health.

3. Dry hands affect your nails more than you know

When you think about how often you wash your hands it might add up to at least 3 times a day and after every time you wash have you noticed how dry your hands are? Did you know dry hands also play a significant role when it comes to your nail's health? Although the easier it is the harder it is to do, we get it. We believe the best way to keep them moisturized is to set a reminder or find a way to add it into your daily routine.

Your nails as to most of us ladies, are treasures. Treasures are always praised and upkept. Our nails are part of our every day look, and taking care of them can improve our appearance instantly. It's always the small changes that can make the biggest changes.

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